I started with a taste of sweet sherry from a crystal decanter in mums

cocktail cabinet, when I was about five. Early mornings after dad’s staff parties the previous night, would experiment tasting the left over’s.

By fourteen I could drink 750 ml. of beer at a time. By sixteen I had been drunk a few times, I felt grown up. I kept drinking because I was part of society and I enjoyed the feeling. At twenty five I was drinking a little every day and I got drunk sometimes.

It became a habit, I would drink wine almost nightly. Then at four pm. I became uneasy, I had a little one, until I lost count. This went on, gradually increasing, for about fifteen years.

I decided to cut back for a day or two, then I would drink more, as if I had to catch up.

I now felt I couldn’t live without alcohol, but it didn’t matter because I could hide the degree, and my wife and friends wouldn’t really notice.

Well Pia talked with me for a long time. She offered to help me if I really wanted to stop. No I would cut back, still enjoy it, but stop before I went too far. That’s fine, that’s the plan!

“No you can’t do that, you have gone too far.”

Eventually I agreed. Pia talked ,I listened and it worked.

I haven’t drunk alcohol for seventeen months, I don’t have the cravings, and I will never drink alcohol again.

Pia I can’t thank you enough. You helped me save my marriage, my social life , and increased my health. I can now go out at night, I can do hobbies and the money is now spent more fairly.

What you did for me is amazing. You can help anyone , they only have to really want to and trust you. You can show anyone with any addiction to live comfortably without that problem.

I’m ashamed of my previous behaviour, and only confess to show that the seemingly impossible is easy with the right attitude and Pia’s expert guidance.


I hope Pia show’s this letter to all those that see their problem. With her help the problem is no more.


Graeme Kirkwood

Tasmania. 26/4/2013




“Thank you Pia for the work you did on Jemma my two year old German Shorthaired Pointer ….. since the bowen therapy there has been such a transformation …..  she is a different dog in the show ring. Peter Allen ‘Pointsure Kennels’ Devon Meadows Victoria” Tue 5/03/2013


11/7 /2009

Another happy client



All of my Tibetan Spaniels have benefitted from Bowen therapy from Pia. Before I go to the major dog shows I call in to see Pia for a few weekly visits prior so the dogs are always in tip top shape for their big day. Since I have been taking them to visit her, Fergus has won both the 2009 Tibetan Spaniel Specialty Shows in Australia. I can honestly say that Pia has contributed to these wins with her gentle techniques to “iron out any kinks”. Tibbies are renowned for tearing around the backyard at full bore and they can end up with some general soreness and discomfort. Pia has been an enormous help. All of my Tibbies have ended up sleeping on her therapy table as they are so relaxed! Thanks for all your help Pia!



ZEST HISTORY How Pia has been able to give her back her quality of life

Diagnosis Cryptococcus

 Zest came to us an 8 week old energetic puppy. We looked after her for Customs. When Zest final Customs assessment came at about 12 months, she did not meet the criteria and we purchased her and gave her a permanent home with us. (I think she was actually too clever).

On reflection Zest had probably been sick for some time. She has always been active walking each night around 45mins at a good pace. She loved chasing the football and catching tennis balls. We had noticed the past month or so she did not want to venture to far from our side on our walks.
Darren and I went away to Darwin for a week and we left Zest and Heidi our other dog in the backyard and Darren’s father came and walked them and fed them each day. Maybe she was anxious being left alone from us.

When we arrived home she was not first to the gate. When she did come she was bleeding slightly from the mouth and was chewing on a small rock. This was very out of character.  We took her to our vet Kensington Vet Clinic who checked her and ran some tests but nothing showed. The following day Darren fed her about 6.30am and I went out to see her about 900am and she could barely walk, hear or see. She was circling and bumping into the table, couch etc. Rushed her back to Kensington Vet and they quickly referred me to Reuben Fliegner at University of Melbourne Vet Clinic at Werribee, where since this time they have been caring for her and she has had most of her treatment. This occurred around 25th July 2007.

 Reuben administered a drug to reduce the swelling and this had a fairly positive and instant response. Within a few hours she could see slightly again. She spent a few nights in ICU and then we watched her very closely at home for the next week or so.

She has been having twice weekly treatment of (Amphotesicin B) Fungazone IV50mg Vial since late July 2007. We discontinued this treatment approx Sept and put her on to 1 Fluconazole USP 150mg per day for 1 month (formulated for us by Compoundia). Then after 1 month she went back to the Ampho B and 2 Flucanazole per day. 

Each month her blood and urine would be tested and she showed no signs of reaction or kidney damage. Her blood count was 4000 on first test and then dropped to 2000, down to 500 which is roughly where it has been for the last three tests.

All seemed to be looking up for Zest until Xmas. Zesties’s stability was coming back, she was starting to be able to walk a bit further and her spirits were great.  Other than the occasional right front leg weakness which would give way and she would stumble.
However Xmas Eve she started to not seem quite as good. On 27th December we took her back to emergency and on 28th Steven administered her Amp B as Reuben was away and we had missed one treatment. She began dragging her nails as she could not pick up her feet properly and her wobbliness has come back some days. Urinating is sometimes difficult for her to keep balance as her front legs give way and her back legs are slipping and she has been showing signs of a general weakness. You can touch her in certain spots on her back and her back half just seems to give way.
We added to her treatment mid Jan 2008 of Flucytosine 750mg capsule two tablets three times a day. We stopped this treatment 4th Feb as it started to have ridiculous side effects on Zest. Her nose and mouth all blistered and she got mouth ulcers which are now slowly mending. Now her groin, belly area has come out in a rash which I have been using medicated shampoo for. Around her eyes are now also showing symptoms of rash, crusty sores and all her face area is extremely itchy. Her spirits overall are still great.

We discontinued the Ampho B treatment Mon 4th Feb 2008 as Reuben advised he could not cure her and this drug did no longer seem to making any impact any longer. Obviously also for Zest’s comfort we believe this to be better for her as mid way thrugh her treatment she really did not want to go any more and so they had to give her morphine sulphate to relax her.

Zest is currently on 4 Fluconazole capsules per day.

Feb 6th Darren took Zest to see a Bowen Therapy lady named Pia. She worked on some pressure points and advised us to start to try and change her diet to more natural foods.

We have cut her Dry in half about 100 grams twice a day and we puree fresh vegetables for her, carrots beans, sweet potatoes, been shoots, silver beet, lentils, brown rice, broccoli. We have commenced giving her half a Vitamin c and half a Vitamin b tablet once per day since early Feb, 1 teaspoon of cod liver oil since. We have also been giving her 10mg colloidal silver per day since late Jan 08. Pia also recommended we give her Goji juice (Himalayan berries) 10ml three times a day.  About three months ago we started her on Dr Jacks natural special formula as when Zest was standing up and laying down her joints were creaking. The creakiness seems to have subsided until this week.

 On the Wed 6th evening Zest was exhausted as was indicated by Pia. However coincidence we do not know, but the following night she ran with Heidi and was very strong in the legs and her wobbliness had gone. We had not seen her well since well before Xmas. She had another session of Bowen on Wed 12 Feb but there has been smaller improvement at this stage. Zest generally is lethargic in the mornings after breakfast. Pia advised tiredness could be quite normal for a dog so sick. Pia has given us a few massage techniques to do on zest with her spine and her toes.

Darren and I have always wondered if there is an underlying problem going on with her back because of the falls that she has taken more recently. But Reuben has checked her over and found nothing. Seems to think the Cryptococcus is either in her brain or nervous system and the drugs just cannot get in there to treat it.

No one can really confirm how she got this infection, only to say that her immunity was down and possibly from bird droppings, eucalypt tree or soil contamination. It is airborne and from the environment. This is why we are trying to boost her immune and maybe she can start to fight herself.
Pia has suggested we also see a homeopath and get some Thuju.

 Since Xmas Zest has been up and down. It has been a roller coaster ride with her. She is still so young and obviously we want to do all to help her through this horrid time. We do not want her to suffer in humanely but why her spirits are good and she is still of able body we will try and help her all we can.


Possibly of no connection but Zest has a fungalear infection which she got around two and half years ago and it has beenreoccurring. She was given Bayer Ear Cleaner with added Daxane Thasane andMacrolone 20mg Tablets 1 tablet every second day. I have not been treating Zestwith these as this at the moment seems like the least of our worries.

At this time she is doing very well and able to play and go up and down steps  again

 Thank you

Darren and Jeannene

*Zest can be seen on my Lowchen and other photo album





I would imagine most animal lovers would relate to my feelings when told by my Vet that my Himalayan Persian cat (Pugsley) had been born with a deformed spine as evidenced by the XRay he had just taken and that there was nothing that could be done to cure him.  At 2 and a half years old he had progressively deteriorated to the extent that his back legs no longer gave him the support necessary to walk without them collapsing under him.

1 was determined that before making a decision as to whether to just let nature take its course, 1 would try and find a Bowen Therapist who specialised in animals to examine him. As I had been treated myself with Bowen Therapy, I was confident that I was not subjecting him to anything that would be uncomfortable for him.

From his first treatment he gave no indication of discomfort,  in fact he downright enjoyed it to the extent that whilst Pia was treating him he lay on the table, made no effort to hop down (and this is a cat who hates going to the vet) and promptly went to sleep.

His progress has been constant and his quality of life has improved remarkably.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Pia Kirke to anyone having a problem with conventional veterinary treatment that was failing to help their animal enjoy life.

Bethia Tennyson











My German Shepherd cross bitch, at the age of 11years put her back out quite severely. After Chiropractic work and Acupuncture she improved in a couple of weeks, BUT there was some discomfort remaining. When the problem recurred at the age of 13 my Vet suggested I try a Bowen Therapist she knew. Pia Kirke began treating Stumpy at weekly intervals, and the progress was remarkable. I decided to have regular visits as a precaution (4 weekly) even after she had recovered. Aside from her back injury, Stumpy has a few other ailments due to her age. It is amazing to watch her hind legs dragging a bit one day, and after a visit from Pia seeing her walk normal again. Also she sometimes has trouble sustaining her position during bowel motion. Causing her to creep forward, after a visit from Pia she is able to stay in the one spot again.
Best of all Stumpy really likes Pia, as do all our family.  Pia is very punctual, and I would recommend her highly.
Stumpy is now 15. Her back problem has so far not recurred. She is still walking with me 5 km's a day in less than 40 minutes. I feel her quality of life is greatly improved due to the care of Pia Kirke using the Bowen method.

Julie Philips

Moorabbin, Victoria,  

    March 2002


I was first referred to Pia from vet Anne Neville when I took my 4yo Rhodesian Ridgeback Cross to see her after some sort of back injury that had him in all sorts of trouble. I took him for an acupuncture treatment, & she suggested I see Pia as she has a lot of success with back injuries.
Kyle could hardly walk without crying, could not go up stairs or sit down without being in pain. As he is a 50kg dog I could not exactly carry him around! After a visit 
with Pia, I was amazed at the complete change in my dog. He could jump in the car, climb onto our bed(!), and was just so much happier. He had one more treatment with Pia & my problem was solved.

Since that first time, I have been back on numerous occasions for different things. I find her very easy to talk to, & I have learnt a lot from her. Kyle has since hurt his 
back a second time (around Christmas last year), again being in a huge amount of pain. As I live a fair way away from Pia, I took him to a local vet for some pain killers that would make him a bit more comfortable. After being told that arthritis could be a possibility & he probably wouldn't make a full recovery this time around, I took him back to Pia, & she fixed him in one session.

I am now trying to get him to see her every 3-4 months - the most recent time being last week. When I took him home he was like a puppy again. So incredibly happy & bouncy (& annoying!!). Kyle is a very people loving dog & seems to respond so well to the treatment. I am so glad I have found someone like Pia who can make my boy so happy. I would have no hesitation in recommending Pia to anyone who has a pet in discomfort. I will never use Bowen as a last option again, I am now using it as a routine. I must have one on myself one day......!

Anna Jowett
Little River
















I used Body Work Therapies which are primary contact therapies used to treat and prevent injury or disorder, supporting and maintaining optimum health in the animal. This is done through a series of cross fibre movements of the soft tissue of the dog’s body.


Body Work can be applied to any soft tissue of the body for both acute and chronic problems. Influencing the body’s energy and meridian systems, the organs as well as their functions. This is a tool that the body uses to heal itself by the body's own strength now improved in the pets system. This therapy can effectively assist the body to regain its natural healing process.


Gentle moves on the pet trigger and release tension in muscles that are in spasm making it safe to use it on any animal from new born to elderly and the very sick.


Muscle tension is frequently the cause of poor health or the beginning of more serious problems, (as seen in the above Testimonial)


Relaxing the body significantly supports the healing process by facilitating lymphatic drainage.


Body Work Therapies help the body to remember how to heal itself. Electrical impulses, sent to the nervous system, remind the body how to regain normal movement in joints, muscles and tendons. This relieves muscle spasms increasing blood and lymphatic flows.
































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