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Hi all my our little man Alphie bred by Pia Kirke owned by my daughter in-law and I is continuing on his winning way as yesterday he won minor in group. Thanks to Samantha-Michelle Fishburn for handling him and her fiancé James Powell for being the chauffeur taking Alphie to the show and bring him home.

Very proud of Alphie as he's a real showman.

I am so happy with this photo I think James took it. He's a really nice boy and Karen and I have you to thank for letting us have him!


Thank you Pia for your insight in seeing the potential in Amy and allowing her to live out her life with Mike and I, has Mikes couch potato. I will always find it hard to describe the thrill I get, when Amy comes alive in a big ring and start's to move. The front extension she creates, her carriage, top line and that sparkle in her eyes, with a little bit of devilment is a joy.

 Thanks must go to all the judges this year who have seen in her, the Amy, Mike & I have the privilege to live with every day. Not shown until the end of August this year, after a 18 month lay off. Nine shows in total, 7 Bitch challenges, 1 Res Challenge, 6 BOB's, 4 group short cut's and now a group 3. What a 3 months in the ring! Mike & Peter

Peter A Scarth & Mike S Gaunt
Bigglesmere Show Dogs
West Yorkshire


Hi Pia

Albie - the little sausage dog you treat for me, has been through the wars the last few weeks.  First he had to have an operation to do a bone biopsy as we found a lump on his rib cage.  It was a hard little lump.  Turns out it was not cancerous - thankfully.  But he had to have blood tests and biopsies etc.  Also, last week he was bitten by a red bellied black snake.  It was only a baby snake, and luckily he only got a dry bite. Had some nasty fang marks in the side of his face.  And he killed the snake too.  He is on antiobiotics for that - in case he gets an infection.  My yard is small and paved, with no woodpiles or long grass, or anything to attract snakes, but I guess the heat brings them out and plus there is a large building development over the road too.  Also, he has a nasty ear infection, which came up yesterday.  He is being treated for that too.  But the reason I write, is because he normally is muzzled at the vet.  And was not great being examined.

Anyway - this is like the first trip to the vet since he has been seeing you and having his treatment.  The change Pia is amazing. He has had needles, painful ear swabs, examination of his bite marks (right on his muzzle), themometres up his bum, been examined from every angle really by different vets and vet nurses over the last two weeks and he was amazing.  He no longer fears being touched by strangers in that situation, and stood perfectly still during all the stuff I was present at.  The vet was super impressed, particularly when he had a painful needle biopsy (first step they took to try and identify this lump).  He was simply amazing.  And is no longer muzzled at the vet.  So I have you to thank for that.  The difference is just stunning.  He still gets grumpy with strangers etc on the street and things - so he has his personality - but just at the vet - so in a safe space, with me, and even without me - as they took him out the back for some of the stuff, he just behaved so well.

So thank you!!   I figured you might like to know, although I know you know how amazing what you do is!  I think he now associates being handled etc with something positive.

Alice - my other dog - she is younger - but she also had to be examined after the snake scare (she wasn't bitten) - but her behaviour at the vet is appalling. She is never aggressive but she won't be handled or examined - she wriggles and tries to get off the table and sticks her head in my armpit.  She really hates the vet - but for no real reason that I can see - other than she hates with a passion having a thermometre up her bottom.  Anyway, I think as Albie has been through a bit of late, and he is still on a lot of drugs - I won't bring him to you for a few more weeks. And you might be on holidays - but could I bring Alice along for a treatment - when next you are free?

I wouldn't mind her getting used to the same thing.  As she is a very different personality to Albie - but I'd like her to be able to be examined too by a vet and not carry on so much and I think the massage and regular handling from yourself does make a difference.  Her issues are slightly different to Albie and she isn't a scared dog.  She is a bit highly strung I think though.





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